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As Bastard William first, by Conquest hither came, And brought the Norman Rule, upon the English name:

So with a tedious warre, and almost endlesse toyles, Throughout his troubled raigne, here held his hard-got spoyles.

...Asten once distain'd with native English blood:

(Whose Soyle, when yet but wet with any little raine, Doth blush; as put in mind of those there sadly slaine, When Hastings harbour gave unto the Norman powers, Whose name and honors now are denizend for ours)

That boding ominous Brook, it through the Forrests rung: Which ecchoing it againe the mighty Weald along,

Great stirre was like to grow; but that the Muse did charme Their furies, and her selfe for nobler things did arme.

Poly-Olbion, Song 17